Wednesday Guest Blog

Here’s a guest blog by Jeremy Frost of Frost Business Services:

It seems that I have been banging on about the damage done to UK plc by the increase in the prevelence of Zombie Companies and general fraud for months.  Is anybody listening I ask myself?

Well the amount of lip service is certainly increasing in term of the Zombies in our midst.  The latest example is Chris Loughton’s (Editor of R3 Magazine) views in the latest Recovery newsletter.  He is in “the business” so it is unlikely that I would disagree with him too violently, but I find it difficult to explain the current predicament better.  The Recovery newsletter is available on our website:

That was first thing this morning.  And next I got a call from a likely new instruction wanting advice on the threats of action being made against him resulting from an alleged personal guarantee of a corporate debt.  All sounded a bit fishy to me with requests to write letters after the event and the further request to remove “without prejudice” from correspondence.  Good job that I could speak to Freadman Alexander to get my head straight.  Something to do with one of the oldest statutes on the books!  dismissing aggressive solicitors is always best achieved once you have succinct advice.  Thanks guys!

Well well; both hobby horses ridden in a morning!

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

Tel: 0845 260 0101   Fax: 020 8915 1018 

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