Wednesday Guest Blog

Another blog from Jeremy Frost of Frost Business Services:

It is very rare for me to know more than a day or two in advance what I will be doing.  On Friday I got a call to attend a Board Meeting with a client on Monday to discuss the Company’s pending Insolvency.  It was clear that the Board Meeting was the culmination of a twenty year business relationship which had disintergrated as, amongst other things,  trading pressures had built over the course of 2012.  A tough meeting culminating with the Board inviting in an Administrator.  To paraphrase the Chairman; I could go and borrow £250,000 to refinance this business, but not with  him in it and, quite frankly I would prefer to go back on the tools.

Very sad and very understandable.

And yesterday I was on my way to the little boys room in our business centre, merrily minding my own business when I got asked to partake in a television programme called Real Women which is produced by  I was invited to discuss the effect of the mountain of debt on UK corporations and how it affects more of us than we might believe.  I tried to inject a bit of  humour but thought better of using my usual joke about buying too many handbags and shoes!  Hopefully it will look as good on the Interweb as it sounded when being there!

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

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Freedman Alexander LLP  – solicitors in Epsom and Ewell – 

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