Wednesday Guest Blog

Here’s the next guest blog by Jeremy Frost of Frost Business Services:

For many years I played rugby with and against the boys in blue.  “Policing only works when it is with the consent of the population.”  I always used to remember that as some usually smiling 18 stone Neanderthal, sorry, PC dropped his knees into my back.

It used to be said that falling out with HM Inland Revenue was almost impossible, whereas it was similarly impossible not to fall out with Customs and Excise.   One branch was the people and we agreed to pay them Tax and the other was the Crown whom we reluctantly paid duty.

So with one organisation doing both, how long will it be before the population begin to feel wholly alienated.  Not too long now I feel.  The number of stories concerning over zealous tax collectors destroying businesses, i.e treating tax in the same way as duties is growing.  But at the same time I receive alarming stories from accountants as to the level of clients leaving their charge and not going to a new Accountant. Attempting to Disappear under the radar!  There seems little appetite to recognise that these two events are related and even less appetite to accept that collecting tax is not necessarily an exact science, but this is a whole new subject.

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

Tel: 0845 260 0101   Fax: 020 8915 1018

Freedman Alexander LLP  – solicitors in Epsom and Ewell – 

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