Wednesday Guest Blog

Jeremy Frost of Frost Business Services writes:

The last few years have seen a significant increase in the number of agreements, usually about less and less.  This attitude is becoming so prevalent that not even the lawyers can make any money!

The basis of business still remains the same.

  • • Make stuff that people want (and need)
  • • Tell them about it!
  • • Sell it to them

Business owners tend to deal with the issues in order and only worry about the lack of cash when it hasn’t arrived and is unlikely to do so.

This week I have been looking at two cases:

  • • A debtor who believes that he should only pay for professional advice when he agrees with it.
  • • Two Directors whose response to the impending insolvency of their Company and their relocation abroad was to drain the Company’s Bank account of £45,000.

The first one is a matter we deal with.  Judgement achieved on line, with the matter now to moved to the High Court.  The time for the Sheriffs is close!

The Second is one for Freedman Alexander LLP.  Contingent fee to collect in debts overseas!  Looks good to me.

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

Tel: 0845 260 0101   Fax: 020 8915 1018

Freedman Alexander LLP  – solicitors in Epsom and Ewell – 

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