Wednesday Guest Blog

Jeremy Frost writes:

Not sure I should mention it, but I think I saw the sun today!  Could this be the end of a long cold depressing winter, leading to a warm period of growth?  Well even the latest economic stats appear to suggest we might be seing at least the first glimmer of an improvement!

But before we all get too excited, I caught 10 mins of TV chef, James Martin’s attempt to improve hospital food yesterday morning.  It would appear that, despite a budget of many £billions, no one within the NHS is engaged in the fairly basic task of minimusing waste and maximising taste.  In an organisation containing so many individuals how can it possibly be that no one has a job to make sure the patients get a hot nutritious meal within a reasonable budget!  And in the two hospitals mentioned, one in wales had to buy lambs from New Zealand and one in Birmingham threw away 40% of what was cooked on a daily basis!  This is after over 20 years of attempts to solve these fairly basic issues.

It just goes to show that we continue to put barriers in the way of progressive thinking.  This is called a compliance and regulatory culture.  When will we learn that this approach does more harm than good!

But in the end, I think Mr Martin says it very well. (after throwing away about three ton of un-reciped custard made with double cream)  I can teach them to cook in a week, but I don’t know how to teach them to care!   I wish we had more of this level of honesty and leadership within our government and its employees.

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

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