Wednesday Guest Blog

Jeremy Frost of Frost Business Services writes:

And this week I have been mostly dealing with;  The Warehouse Theatre again.  After the joys of removing the memorabilia I have done three interviews, one for radio and both local papers dealing with the battle for Dingwell Road.  It is amazing how one aging gentleman with a small stick can be made to sound like a riot!  I certainly don’t remember the Met’s dogs and horses charging down the road! but it was I suppose a busy afternoon.  I might have missed them.

On the brighter side, we have now received commitment from a bunch of individuals interested in running a new theatre such that we expect to have an outline business plan on the desks of the developers by the end of the month.  We are still on course then for a happy ending!  What behind me?  Oh no it isn’t  ……..  You get the picture.  There is less of a positive outcome for the building whose life can be describes in terms of weeks.  I think it is called progress!

To cap it all I was asked to present a potted history of the Warehouse with particular reference to the past two years to Croydon Rotary who meet at the Masonic Lodge towards the north of the town.  I have not come across either organisation in my eight years in Croydon, so that was good.  Slides are available if anyone wants to look at them!  I am also free for birthdays, christenings and bar mitzvah’s.

Any questions and bookings should be forwarded to my agent, I mean personal assistant!

All this press attention can surely not be going to my head?

Jeremy Frost FABRP MIPA, Director  Frost Group Limited

Tel: 0845 260 0101   Fax: 020 8915 1018

Freedman Alexander LLP  – solicitors in Epsom and Ewell – 

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