What will be, will be …

The Legal Services Board has recommended that all Will writing activities should be regulated.   The Lord Chancellor will now decide whether to accept the recommendations which will then be debated in the Commons and Lords.

At the moment the recommendations are only for Will writing activities and does not extend to estate administration.  The recommendation follows extensive investigation revealing cases where Wills had been negligently drafted.  I have certainly picked up work from bereaved families putting right Wills which had been badly drafted by unregulated Will writers.   Those who prefer to use the unregulated sector because it may be cheaper than using a solicitor, can sometimes leave the bereaved family with more expense during the administration of the estate.

For a properly drafted Will which is actually going to work, please call Freedman Alexander LLP on 020 8393 0941.  I am a qualified solicitor and also a member of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners.


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